HJGW400 series rig is a versatile crawler hydraulic water well & geothermal drilling rig, which is own designed and manufactured by Black Diamond Drilling Services Australia LTD Pty.

All the key parts of the rig are imported to ensure the stability of the rig performance. The rig’s maximum drilling depth is up to 400 meters, the maximum hole diameter 110~305mm, can match many different applications like geothermal projects, exploitation of groundwater, hydro-geological exploration, piling in foundations and much more.

The whole machine is advantageous with a more powerful lifting, bigger output torque, higher working efficiency, flexibility, as well as superior stability.

At LederDrill Supplies Pty Ltd we pride ourselves in our experience and our ability to provide mining equipment and tools that are state of the art and fit for purpose. With years of experience and proven supply chains consolidated by our strategic partners, we’re able to deliver mining equipment tools and services with speed and efficiency.

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