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DTH Drilling Equipment Supplies – LederDrill Supplies Pty Ltd is a family-owned business based in New South Wales. We have years of experience working On-Site and being able to spot problems and co-operate to solve them rapidly and accurately. LederDrill Supplies has established a reputation for outstanding commitment to product quality, innovation and most importantly customer service. LederDrill Supplies are extremely passionate about creating value for their clients and are always working towards improving systems and results in a collaborative manner. The team have a strong understanding of operational time pressures and work tirelessly to deliver the best results for their clients.

Our extensive product range covers DTH equipment (conventional, reverse circulation, strings and rigs), top hammer and a selection of various drilling products (diamond bits, drag bits, PDC Bits, tricone bits, thread grease etc.)


DTH Hammer & Bits

lederdrill supplies Reverse Circulation Hammer Bits

Reverse Circulation Hammers & Bits

rotarty drilling tools

Rotary Drilling Tools

Diamond Drill Bits

Diamond Drilling Bits


Top Hammer Rock Drilling Tools

bore casing systems

Casing Systems

black diamond drill rigs

BD Drill Rigs

Breakout Bench Service

Breakout Bench Service

mining drill bit resharpening

Bit Re-Sharpening Service

Mining Drill Bit Reshaping

Bit Re-shaping Service

geotechnical products

Geotechnical Products

gravel packing

Gravel Packing

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