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Applications of RC Drilling

RC drilling is a versatile drilling method that is used for a variety of applications, including:

Exploration drilling

RC drilling is a fast and efficient way to collect rock samples for mineral exploration. The cuttings are blown up the drill pipe, so there is no need to pull the rods out of the hole as often as with other drilling methods. This makes RC drilling a good choice for deep exploration drilling.

Grade control drilling

RC drilling is also used for grade control drilling, which is used to determine the grade of ore in a deposit. This information is important for planning mining operations.

Blast hole drilling

RC drilling can also be used for blast hole drilling, which is the process of drilling holes in rock that will be blasted to break up the rock for mining.

Water well drilling and geothermal well drilling

RC drilling can also be used for water well drilling and geothermal well drilling.


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